Exist, the Shadows

There is a shadow of myself; it plays in the wind, dances in the sun, and dreams of heaven on earth. Chances are, it will stand the test of all time, with the storms and rainbows that enter our space.

It will seek the completion and hold out its hand to enter the world as a whole.

Unable to separate the dark from the light, no obstacles stand between reality and fantasy. Enter the shadow of parallel proportion.

Instant attraction and consummation take the shadow of souls to a beginning. In the race of fulfillment the clouds come and go, the rain dances in and out, and the shadows breathe as one.

Enter into intermission.

A vow already written, the shelter allows a union and the shadows are released to exist as one.

Beginning or End?

On top of the hill, where the entire downtown core can be seen, she looks down to the small town where she grew up and twists the cap off the water bottle. Placing the yellow pills in her mouth, she drinks to flush them into her body. Deciding to stand motionless, to make that dramatic fall to the ground while her life drifts away, she stares into the evening sky. Falling into darkness, her body goes limp, never feeling the ground.

Still thinking about the book, if my eyes would focus