Where Would You Be Today?

If life had not ended and the other journey began....

If the journey that had started here on earth was still in progress....IF...

 Would things be better today?

With more time would there be a home for you?

Could things have turned around for you, where you find yourself in a home, warm, feed and content?

 No answers will ever be known today and they never be known to me.

As many find themselves without a place to live, how long does it go on...the time and space of ones life where there is no home?

A Man and His Music

The tattered case sparkled of silver and gold.
Appeared as well traveled as he did.
I did not recognize the music, and it seemed out of tune.
He had a symphony playing in his head;
you could see it in his eyes, drifting into his music.
Never saying a word, just going through the motions and letting the notes sore.
He plays a somber melody, but he is not sad,
he is where he wants to be, with his music and the people.
The brick building frames him as a painting, letting the scene exist in history and in the present.
Without the man sitting on his stool, violin case open beside him, his bow worn, his instrument well cared for, you would notice a missing segment of space.
After time passes and journeys are met, the music will play and play on it shall.

endless darkness

ever look into the dark prepared to see a face looking back from the shadows sometimes trying hard to make it happen not to see something that is there and something you don't want to be there flowing in and out of focus with fear and anticipation exactly placing the mind into fear and excitement with no beginning and no end...

Foot Steps

Make your foot steps loud, make your mark.
Dance with force, move the air
Sing with power and sing your own song

Make all your steps in life count
whether they are forward or backward
Make all your songs be true
whether they are in tune or not
Make your tango beautiful
whether you are happy or sad

Make your foot steps loud!