The holiday season is here

Two thirds of the shelter were those that were affected by the economy. I try very hard to imagine a homeless shelter during the holidays. I will not even pretend that I know how it feels. I could not if I tried.

Happy Holidays

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We are the homeless people

It has been a simple truth for me, the realization that even I, the secure, take all I own for granted, wanting more, person can end up with nothing. The push of debt, struggling pay check to pay check, cutting back in times of hardship. The truth lies in front of us, we are the homeless people, we are the ones living in poverty, we are the ones that search for the next meal, in an instant of circumstances we are the homeless. People no different then ourselves, families no different than our own. The faces that we turn ours from, those faces are the reflections of the reminder that we could be there to.

Without putting pictures here, take a look around you, really look with all you are.

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Web address without a home address

I read an article a while ago about the homeless people who were online. People with nothing else but a computer. Some used the local libraries to go online and surf the net. Some had old laptops that they cherished and carried around with them.

We live in such a large world with thousands of people, but we feel disconnected with most of the world until we get online. More so for people on the streets, the people we pass by without a second thought. One man stated in the article that he felt more involved and connected with the world around him by being online. Online in the massive world wide web we all feel closer to the world that surrounds us.

As you sit today on the computer, surfing the net, buying gifts, paying bills, remember that some where else but yet not so far away and online are the people who are just like you, but are online without a home.

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Face to Face

I have travelled here to receive answers

I left my known to receive the unknown

You let me travel here on my own

You never questioned my reasons

I bellowed a cry of frustration

I allowed for my pain to protrude

You carried me to comfort

You shut off my query once again

I am entering a new place of hope

I bow to my new sanity with glee

There is only peace left

This is the time that we walk in peace.
Daddy, take my hand and my heart.
The pain has gone; the hurt and anger are gone.
It is God’s time to wash it all away.

All regrets and plans not executed,
placed in a bag of tears.
We walk in shadows of our past,
And we will always walk together.

It is a new time to remember,
To remember all that made our hearts warm,
And the smiles that we cherish for life.
No sainthood for you, just our memory.

Good or bad, a new time has come.
Peace with you in a heaven just for you.
Always with us, always Daddy.
Hand in hand we walk in peace.

Dedicated to the man that was my "Hank" Rest in Peace 1946-2009

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Who I am

This is who I am
Standing here, facing the day.
No mask, no cape, no super powers

This is who I am
Taking my life forward
No trials, no expectations, no plans

This is who I am
Giving it all I got
No scheme, no deception, no regret

This is just who I am

A visit

The devil made a visit the other day, he sat down beside me. With a coldness, I gained strength from all I am. Soaring thoughts of damnation, turmoil and darkness, faded quickly. All the light surrounded in warmth, power and peace. Faith towers over the tug of evil, laughter prevailed.
He sat with a stare, a non-presence, a blank now of known power. One on one and no where to go, understood of protection. This is the end of it, no weakness here.

If tears turned into gold

If I could cry tears of gold, I would have a home.
If I could cry tears of gold, I would eat every day
If I could cry tears of gold, I would help that other guy
If I could cry tears of gold, I would not waste any of them
If I could cry tears of gold, I would share my tears

If only I could cry tears of gold