Hope leads to...

The sun shines when wait for it

The birds sing when you stop to listen

The flowers bloom when you nurture them

The children laugh when you smile too

Success comes when you work for it

Questions are answered when you ask

Food is plenty when seeds are sown

Shelter is available when they built

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Where we are

If you followed me here,
then you know where I am,
If you lead me here,
then you know why I am

Take that path to the future
As if we ran here,
No doubt, only passion
Answer in truth
Question never, as it is just!

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Why homeless?

Several individual factors may increase a person's risk for becoming homeless and remaining homeless for a longer period of time:

Untreated mental illness can cause individuals to become paranoid, anxious, or depressed, making it difficult or impossible to maintain employment, pay bills, or keep supportive social relationships.

Substance abuse can drain financial resources, erode supportive social relationships, and make exiting from homelessness extremely difficult.

Co-occurring disorders. Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders are among the most difficult groups to put in stable housing and treat. This is due to the limited availability of integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment in most locations.

Other circumstances. People may become homeless for a variety of other reasons, including divorce or separation, domestic violence, chronic or unexpected health care expenses, release from incarceration, or release from foster care.

With care and prevention, treatment is possible, but those people have to want it or seek it out. How do you tell a person to get help if they think it is the world against them?

Mental illness is should never be ignored and it may not be easy to help some people, but having the services always available is one way to increase the chances for change.

Some people on the streets may have ended up there with different circumstances than mental illness. When faced with this, depression and other mental disorders might be a result of being homeless instead of the cause it may have been the product.

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"Are you ashamed of him?"

"Do you know where he is?"

"Is he on the streets?"

"Why don't you help him?"

"Why does he not just call you and come home?"

"Is he a drunk?"

"Is he sick in the head or something?"

"Why haven't you tried to get him off the streets?"

"Why don't you help him?"

"Is that your dad?"

Not all people living in poverty or on the streets, are without people who love them. We could try to understand situations and we could easily judge an others situation.

Who is homeless?
In the U.S., more than 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year.
35% of the homeless population are families with children, which is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.
25% are U.S. military veterans.
25% are children under the age of 18 years.
30% have experienced domestic violence.
20-25% suffer from mental illness.
In urban communities, people experience homelessness for an average of eight months.

As we try not to judge and stereotype the hopeless, they would have to do the same. Shame, depression and loss of hope can be factors in people not looking to family for help.

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With all the canvas and with all the brushes, without the paint, there is no picture to share. With all the pens and all the paper, without the ink, there is no story to tell.

A window can open to the world, an invitation to experience it all. Shorten the distance and let the senses sore. A journey to be taken day after day, living the absorbing moments.

The colours will spread to become rivers flowing, the words will be seen on roads to a tale.

Your Solace awaits

Don't enter into infliction with your eyes shut. Allow for one to experience all senses of damnation and power.

Cross the path of your own demons, one by one, take them on as individual entities.

The solace you receive is compared to the harsh torments you leave behind.

Chose carefully onto where your battleground is placed. Empty your weapons slowly and with content.

Bend to the power of extinguished pain, this is your moment to start healing inside.

Celebrate your victories, badge your woes, live in your memories, they only live in you not for you.


Awaiting the satin luck
Tune of peaceful bliss
Caressed in dreams
Absolutely his
Sworn to yearning
Breathless without stirs
Wrapped in delight
Absolutely hers
Torn from realm
Blinded by oath
Embraced in passion
Absolutely both

Raising the Roof

Raising the Roof is Canada's only national charity dedicated to long-term solutions to homelessness.

"We: build awareness about homelessness and what can be done, raise funds for community groups working on homelessness, give corporations, organizations and people from all walks of life ways to develop and join in strategies to address and prevent homelessness nationally and in their own communities." Learn about homelessness and solutions in Canada. You can download fact sheets about homelessness and learn how to volunteer or donate online. -SNS Realize the hidden aspects of homelessness in reference to those families who live unseen in barren basements and abandoned buildings. -KMR

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Two hat Henry

How lucky am I, I have two hats
Orange knit to keep my ears warm
Cool Baseball cap, keeps the sun out of my eyes
I am a lucky man

How lucky am I, a whole half bagel
A little burnt around the edges
But fresh, just dropped in the can
I am a lucky man

How lucky am I, a quarter on the curb
Always have enough change to jingle
Cannot be totally broke that way
I am a lucky man

How lucky am I, they opened early
The weather has turned colder
This place will get me warm for the night
I am a lucky man

Homeless with a name

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Where to go?

All of a sudden, homeless...where do you go?
Some believe that homeless people only stay in big cities, but there are people who have no homes in every state, every country, regardless of size. Homeless shelters are often found in bigger cities simply because the population in big cities is higher.

It may not have been a palace
It may not have been large
It may not have been pretty
It was what I called home

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It is forbidden to cross those lines

Drawn by society and powers to be.

Live in the fitting direction

A maze through the straight road,


A noose of erotica, evil, daring and deceit,

judgements have eyes that follow us

In every hour, passion of wrong

Embracing decisions of lust


My Mind is Never Still

My mind is never still.

Always searching for answers.

The continuous quest to solve problems goes on.

Blinding questions and tempting solutions,

bring me deeper still, to the undetermined means.

Circles of information dance lazily together to form no true meaning.

No peace for a whirlwind of thoughts, stillness does not reside.

Countless ideas resound quietly, waiting for the approval of time.

The focus of the day is far from thought.

My mind is never still.

Take me home

There is a place where you can be nowhere

I sit here, in nowhere, asking for existence

I have prayed, screamed and cried

There is a place where you can not exist

Concealed in the vapours of my mind
My body awaits to go home

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Who is homeless?

The US Conference of Mayors’ 2006 Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness found that in the United States:

30 percent of the homeless population is families with children

51 percent are single men

17 percent are single women

2 percent are unaccompanied minors

71 percent of homeless families are headed by a single parent

13 percent are employed

9 percent are veterans

26 percent have drug and alcohol addictions

16 percent suffer from mental illness

37 percent of adults requesting emergency food assistance are employed

People remain homeless an average of 8 months

Requests for assisted housing by low-income families and individuals increased by 86 percent in 1 year.


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How to give

We walked the streets in Montreal, sight seeing, enjoying the crisp fall/winter air. The buildings hold such history. We don't speak the language, we can make out some though. But the one thing we could definitely understand was the cup. No matter what the language, an out reached hand with a cup, asking for spare change is understood.

Does not matter what it represents or how it is judged, the point is all the same. There are people who live on the streets, people who are hungry and people who have no home of their own.

Makes absolutely no sense, and it is easier to ignore than to acknowledge.

We stood at the light waiting to cross the street, a man in many clothes, sweater, two hats, big boots and mitts rummaged through the trash. He did not look around, he just dove in. We hustled along, shopping, sight seeing and enjoying the city while a man ate trash.

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Yes I love you

You have me, now and forever

Swallowed in the love

Excited with the touch

Melting in the purity

Allowing expression of self

Closer now with power

Tingling with elation

Taking and giving with ease

Yes I love you

Eternity knows it


The walls seem to tell me lies, I am not sure if I exist outside of them anymore. Like a caged animal, I sit here inside myself, just wondering.

When I am done wondering, I start over again. The endless loop of misery, keeps me bound.
If it does not end soon, I will die here.

The cloud is heavy, it actually hurts, I can feel the pain physically and mentally, you don't have to believe me, I know what I feel.

I see the people who pass, a blur of help, a taste of hope. It will take more than a mighty sword to save me, I will die here.

I am not sure what I am so sad about, I forget my own personality, I live in a shadow of my former self. How will get out of here.

If I don't get out of here, I will die here.

It can happen

It takes courage to be me
It takes me places I would not want to go
It takes me far inside of my mind
It takes me to where darkness flows

Not all homeless people are drunks, sick or insane.....

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Actions of homeless self awareness

Thrown into a new world
Hurled into hunger of many types
Cursed with poverty
Choked with tears of emptiness

Craved belonging to somewhere
Painful loneliness without hope
Pulsing fear of no change
Crushed dreams of yesterday

Crashing realization of homelessness
Rushing pain of hunger
Numbing memories fading away
Lost time and mistakes etched in stone

Across the United States, 675,000 people are homeless on any given night.

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Drown in the music

I cannot hear you! I have my music up as loud as it can be. The beat bangs through my body and I am dancing to every rhythmic pulse.
I might call you later when I have finished drowning out the world, maybe when I return to the reality that has sent me here.
I believe you might have to wait for a little while, either pull up a chair or join me in the surround sound that has taken over my body.
I will not be looking your way, as I twirl and twist. Don’t expect any response until I have emptied my mind of the heavy weights that have worn me out.
I am here to release some stress the best way I know how. Don’t let me stay here too long, but just for now let me dance to this music.

I have heard and felt this song many, many times, it has a place in my history, not sure what section it holds in place.
I will dance until my muscles let me know it is time to settle back to other side of the mirror. Taken through to the other side where all is calm I am ignoring any signs that it might be time to go.
I will not be listening to any of your woes right now, none of your concerns and please do not throw any advice my way. My feet, hips, butt, shoulders are well into the party mood by now.

I know you have some concerns, but really, my only concern right now is that you would benefit from doing the same.
I believe I would feel better if you expelled your burdens now with me, I do not want you to send me back here as soon as I am finished.
I realize you think I have lost my mind as I use my body to express the feelings of the music inside me, but I do not care.
I am taking my mind, body and spirit to a new place less traveled; everyone needs a vacation once in a while.
I am not looking at you, I cannot hear you, but don’t worry I will return.