My Voice

I found my voice! I really found it!

The clarity of it all came to me, not in a dream, not in a note, from within me.

The power of my soul, my personality, my heart, came together to form my platform, where I build the next verse to my life.

Singing with the joy and excitement, my whole being allowing the future to shine.

I found my voice! It has been found!

I believe

I believe in angels,
The dawn of a new day
The tears of joy
The smile of truth
I believe in angels

I believe in love
The windows of a soul
The making of happy
The dreams of heaven
I believe in love

I believe in us
The dance of passion
The exchange of strength
The pure future path
I believe in us

Not Crazy

I have walked in the darkness
I am not crazy, just lost

I know myself to know I can find light
I have followed the tunnel to hell
I have ran the other way
I am not crazy, just sad

I have asked for help
I have bent on knee to beg
I have whispered my pain
I am not crazy, just hurt

I have answered to evil
I have backed up from it
I know I will heal
I am not crazy, just hidden

I will pray for the day
I will hold on tight
I am well enough to know
I am not crazy

No Shakespeare

I am no Shakespeare, but he answers me when I search for his opinions and intervention.
His words ramble together as the past, the present and untold future of every soul.
Angered by the senseless introductions of all that don’t care to fear, dance or solve the maze within their minds.
With every stroke, every thought, every phrase that swings the pendulum until we decide where it lands, we hear the man who wrote for sake of proving it should be.
On a road in the middle of nowhere, with no horizon, he will take you to ends of the earth, dare you to jump, and teach you to fly. A writers voice sends his wish to your head, to your body and allows you to make it your own.
Carefully read in all the syllables and punctuation but not felt, is the waste of our own worldly desires. To be it, sending all your wickedness, your prosperity, your venture, your admiration and love, you can become it.
In the hidden meaning is the obvious that all was faced from the beginning, I am no Shakespeare, but he is I.

Have we met before?

Before this space in time arrived,
Do I know you?
In my heart, body and soul, I know that I love you.
Have we me before?

In your eyes are reflections of my soul,
Have we danced?
Calmness of knowing all of you,
Have we met before?

In your touch is familiarity,
Do we know each other?
Moments continue like they started before,
Have we met before?

A life becomes complete to begin
Have we kissed?
You fill me as I had been waiting,
Have we met before?

Getting There

I have grown to get to There

The There I planned to grow from Here

Now my There is my new Here.

So I will grow from Here to my New There

The only thing is, there are endless New Theres


We all hold the key to existence in our minds.

Without experience, there is no existence

With a faint whisper, a subtle touch

We unlock the existing experience

Dancing in the moonlight

Dancing naked in the moonlight, swallowed in forever.

Feel the music build a wall of passion around us.

Lust collides, dreams roll into melody.

Desired moments of love bond two bodies

The absolute sense of real togetherness

Lifted into the clouds, dancing with the moon

Soft skin, tender kisses and two hearts beat in tune.

Warm breezes of whispered sweetness

Dancing naked in the moonlight, floating to forever