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You Left Me Alone

Grief tangles around, entering at will and without warning.

Strength deserts me in the most inopportune times.

Power drains from entire being, leaving me alone.

Sadness sweeps in surrounding shadows encasing me.

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Destiny War

I have not been to war
But the machine guns in my head ruin my thoughts
Woven in silk; I have a destiny
A web of directions I chose to take

I do accept the fact it is mine
No one can strip this from me
tears do not change my destiny
It has all been written with fate

The battle wades through my days
Win or lose, the power is within me
But if the fight is mine then my destiny stays
This plays out in time and space

Calling for a break in moments shall not be
Time will not give mercy to catch up
It is time to stand and ride through destiny
Own the moments and hold on tight

Trying To Escape

When the doors you open, trying to escape

Open to Darkness

Open to Emptiness

Open to Sadness

Open to a Storm

Open to Nothingness

Look Up!

Sometime the way out is not right in front of you.