Re define able

My redefining moment came with a banana bread bomb. In my quest to ease my pain that plagues my body on a daily basis; I, of course, turn to nutrition solutions. Getting rid of any and all inflammation is top priority right now. In turn this means limiting the gluten in my diet.

Throw together the banana bread mixture with all sorts of lovely flours that come from anything but wheat, some apple sauce and bananas.

The house smells amazing, the smell you associate with warm thoughts, fond memories and childhood. 

This is where things go bad.

Stick a toothpick in it...looks done. Try to take it out of pan and nothing good can be said about it. The loaf threw up itself. Gather it back up....

Not giving up yet.....

Back in the pan and in the oven, cook that thing some more. It smells and (well did) look awesome, it has to turn out great in the end.


After cooking it for as long as I could, that terrific smelling banana loaf did not taste good at all.
Waited for it to cool, tried to just eat the inside, maybe the just the outside.

It met its demise with a swift toss to the trash but not with some thought to it first.

I had to accept the fact the loaf was crap. No matter of the pleasant smell and sights it gave. No matter that all my senses were telling me and comforting me towards this being a treat.

I had to get rid of it all, nothing was salvageable and I had to come to terms that no one should eat it. I had to stop trying to make the most of it and start over.

That is when....redefined came to me. I had to think different, look away from what I knew and start to define how and what I do differently.

I realized that trying to salvage parts of things was holding me back. It was time to redefine me and my business and whatever this illness that holds me down.

Change is hard.....although there was not banana loaf, the house still smelled great for hours.

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