Would you notice the young woman's face as you walked by?

Thousands of people everyday pass by, the streets are full. The sky loses it vastness and contains the people in the streets. You have to see what is around you, your focus is on where you are going.
She sits against the wall, backpack beside her. Layers of clothing are keeping her warm. The sun has made its way behind the buildings. Subways are pouring parades of people into the streets. Her hair is messy but she looks clean. She holds a sign, her face exposes a look of disgust.

The sign says.

HUNGRY please help me today.

A young woman between 18 or 25 years of age. Numbness in her expression reveals that the city has tainted her innocence. Never would there have been a time that in her childhood where this future would have been revealed.

People hurry past, some putting change in the cup she holds out. She does not look at them. She stares out at the cars going by. She seems to have removed herself from the scene.
She grabs her stomach, looks into the cup and gets up quickly.
Throwing her pack on her back, holding the sign and cup she walks away. Quickly going from that spot in life where she sat needing change from strangers for food.

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