Homeless Happens

We can try to ignore it, turn our heads, or deny it will ever happen to you. It could, just like anything else. We try to prevent illness and we try to prevent poverty, but it can happen and happen without warning. Poverty and homelessness is not a choice, it happens as a result of some choices that are made but it can also happen by other circumstances beyond your control.

Judgement on those that find themselves homeless, living on the streets or in a shelter is harsh. We stereotype the homeless as older men, unshaven, dirty clothes and a paper bag with booze in it. We see the shopping cart full of odd belonging and cardboard boxes. We turn our heads when we see the signs that read "Hungry please give" or the paper cup stuck out from the curb.

For all that is visible there are thousands, both genders, all ages, many untold stories that we do not see.

Homelessness happens whether we want it to or not, it just happens, no one opt into.
For families living a paycheck away from the streets, expenses such as emergency medical care can precipitate homelessness. Other factors might be mental illness or chemical dependency. www.change.net

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Taking Care

Cold, wet and hungry
Dirty, sick and thirsty
Sad, weak and thin
Homeless with no name

One voice, one hand
Two voices, Two hands
Many hearts, many souls
Homeless with a name

Been there

Poverty is everyone's problem. It cuts across any line you can name: age, race, social, geographic or religious. Whether you are black or white; rich, middle-class or poor, we are ALL touched by poverty. - Governor Kathleen Blanco

Mankind's Prayer© 1980 by Gary Hyink

So close in thought I wish to be
With someone who can hear
My heart's sad cry, its silent weep,
Caused from despair, I fear.
For life is often so hard to take,
It deals such a painful blow,
Then no one is there with whom to share,
No one who wants to know.
For everyone has their problems too,
Enough gloom and despair of their own.
They have no time for me to share
My thoughts I so want known.
I pray the day will quickly come,
The day when I will see
The person who will always listen,
And with all their heart love me.

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Nothing at all

Maybe it is nothing at all
The smile that takes my day to brighter skies.

Maybe it is nothing at all.
The ache inside my chest that pains for your presence

Maybe it is nothing at all
The stars in my eyes as I let myself dream

Maybe it is nothing at all.
The wind that sweeps me up with your kisses

Maybe it is nothing at all
The sun that heats my body with your touch

Maybe it is nothing at all
The earth that moves when I see in your eyes

Maybe it is nothing at all
The touch of your hands that make me tingles

Maybe it is nothing at all
The sigh that lifts me in to your embrace

Maybe it is nothing at all
Just maybe

Answers into life

I cried answers into my life
My fists crashing into the wall,
Then slamming into the floor
The pain bringing existence to my being

Voices of future hopes echo
Almost like, they are from the past
Passages between a now that does not exit
I ache in the realization I have to ask

Grace me with a peace I seek
Exit to make room for light
I could now scream for I know
How to become at a stand still

I cried answers into my life
Not recommended but needed
No more diversions to hell
Stand tall and let it be

A perception of life

I could not believe that he lived in this. Not wanting to touch anything, the smell grabbed me in a choke hold. The peace I felt was out of place. You could not feel life or death; it was as if your senses went numb.
We started to sort through his belongings, things to keep, things to give away and things to throw in the trash. Wanting it to go quickly but yet not wanting to leave. This is where he lived, a small room with a small bathroom, little fridge, table, chair and bed with dresser. Covered in things he had gathered, most of it just things you use daily, not much collected from the past, no photo frames or trinkets. The walls were dirty, well everything seemed dirty. This is where his life had ended.
Time had stopped for him, his grown children cleaning up the mess, sorting his stuff. Had not seen him in years, just knowing he was in the city trying to get by.
Three children, now with children of their own, taking care of their father’s life now that it is gone.
This is poverty, down and out, he had shelter, friends and a job, but no one should live like that.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning with that anger; it is just there without analysing-- it just sits. Frustration loomed in every thing I did and said today. My mind races with no thoughts that enlighten my mood.
Bouncing back from a happy to angered state, I need to walk. Feeling all my frustration with life in general, I feel the need to figure things out. Where am I headed? What is the mission statement I need to feel? Damn it, the anger takes me in wrong directions of thinking.

I took everyone out of the equation and concentrated on what I wanted to do, where was I headed? What did I need to do?
Inside me is a simple map of life’s enjoyment…the inspiration and charisma I can offer to others.

My walk is cold but it becomes warmer and my mind thinks on the Hawk, that had fallen, the mighty too falls…and then the thoughts of mice and hawks on level ground, the whole thing swims in my head…and it pops into my mind again..he went to church this morning and prayed for me. Tears flood from me, I want to scream and cry in pain. I had lost my faith!!!! I have been searching for it but it has been lost and I did not recognize it. This cannot be explained as I release this from me and start to understand. I take a deep breath and look up to the sky…I stop walking..the hawk…he is flying over my head…he circles several times and goes. No words will ever explain that feeling.

I used to pray all the time, I never felt totally alone, and I always had my faith. But it had a very long time and I found it was hard to say a prayer. But I did and the tears flowed like a river of relief and release. I wont bother even trying to explain how I felt; it is beyond explanation and is sacred to my soul.

Still a ways to go on my walk..I realize I need to move on from here and I feel absolutely strong. I need to say good-bye to some things in my life. As I try to figure out what I could possibly say to my demon…I start to feel anger again, I am walking and thinking of this negative force in my life.
When walking with this anger and realizing I needed to say good-bye to it.
No other thoughts came to me, I just walked home.

The Pen

Empty your pen right here in my mind.
Take me on a journey with the words of many.
Mould my every thought with divine expressions.
Interpret my life as your own; influence my steps.

With the mystery of a verse or plot, release my vision.
Answer my quest for a new realization within life itself

The cost of hunger

8 million people die from lack of food and nutrition every year – about 24,000 deaths each day. Source: FAO Hunger Report 2008

Every year, 5.8 million children die from hunger related-causes. Every day, that’s 16,000 young lives lost.Source: FAO Hunger Report 2008

For the first time in history, over 1.02 billion people do not have enough to eat. That’s one sixth of humanity - more than the population of the United States, Canada and the European Union combined.Source: FAO Hunger Report 2008

907 million of the 1.02 billion are from developing countries.Source: FAO Hunger Report 2008

Source: www.change.net

Dirty little secret

Tucked away into the corner of your life, I am your dirty little secret.

Unreal to the people you see everyday, always hidden.

Pushed aside and labelled, can be unknown in an instant.

In your mind but not on your lips, hold me close and in the dark.

Keep me your dirty little secret, I am yours.

Allow only you to hold me, love me and keep me safe.

Live in the moments that will not be shared by anyone.

I am your dirty little secret!

Maybe no one will see

The pains are not as painful as they once were, I do eat. Just not as much as my stomach would like to I am sure. The young lady in the red coat, about 100 yards away, just put one quarter of her bagel in the trash can. She wrapped it back in the paper it was bought in, she is the only one who touched it.

The sun is shining and the fall breeze has brought people outside on their lunch hour, the park has too many people passing through. It is now or never really, just grab it right off the top. It is what people would expect anyway, it is not like I am disguised as a banker or something.

Maybe no one will see...